Argumentative Essay Outline – Find Strong Evidences

If you are one of those students who have been assigned the task of writing a good argumentative essay by your instructor then this article is worth reading for you as it discusses various aspects of writing essays and it would also talk about the argumentative essay outline in detail which is very important in writing any essay in general and persuasive essay in particular. More specifically, the objective of this article is to let the students know of argumentative essay outline. The tasks of writing essays become very easy if you know the corresponding outline. So, keep reading to find out what argumentative essay outline is.

Lead into the topic

The first part is the introduction obviously. You will begin by leading the readers into the topic. There are two options through which you can write a killer introductory sentence. You could either use a compelling question or a quotation to set the stage for your topic. You could also state an anecdote or myths if there are any at the same time in the introduction. You could also cite a well-known impressive essay related to that topic. Once, you have given a comprehensive background of the issue you will immediately want to put the thesis statement before you tie up the introductory part of your essay. It is imperative to state a clear stance or position on the issue you are addressing.

Convince readers to your own judgment

The next part in making the argumentative essay outline is of main body. This is the part of argumentative essay outline where you will be stating all your main arguments and complete picture of the story. Moreover, you should not hesitate from giving more background information so that readers completely understand the issue which you are trying to address. In this section, you will basically reason and argue to convince readers that your point or judgment is the right one. Of course, you can also make your case strong by citing important and relevant statistical information and professional opinions on this matter. In addition to that, it is also important to acknowledge the positions or stance other than your own. It would be wise to give a succinct summary of the stance you are arguing against. Once, you have given all the supporting evidences, you need to summarize everything in the conclusion.